Why is the player not added to my affiliate account?

1. Affiliate link track players sign up by cookies. Your browser history may affect your affiliate link. Players registered with your affiliate link may not be added to your affiliate account.

2. We advise our affiliates to delete their browser history before creating a player account with their affiliate link.

Best practice to register a player account with an affiliate link:

1. Make sure you browser history is clean.

2. Copy and paste your affiliate link directly into your browser. Your affiliate code will show on the sign up form. Complete the sign up form to create a player account.


3. Log in to your affiliate account. Check if the player username appears under your affiliate account.

Why is the player not added to my affiliate account?

1. You have clicked another affiliate link before your link.

– The most common issue that affiliates often encounter is they had already clicked another affiliate link somewhere, whereby the cookies were kept in their browser history.

– Player account will always be added to the first affilate link that has been clicked.

– The player account registered with your affiliate link will not be added to your affiliate account when it happens.

Here is how you can identify the problem:

1. Copy your link and paste in on your browser. Go to Sign Up Page.

2. If your affiliate code is the same as what you see on the sign up page, your link is working fine. The player account will appear under your affiliate account.

3. If the code in your affiliate link is NOT THE same as what you see on the sign up page, please delete your browser history and try again.

2. If you do not use your affiliate link to create the account. No affiliate code will be shown on the sign up form.

3. You use a incorrect/wrong affiliate link.

What to do when a player account was not added to your affiliate account?

1. Provide the player account username to affiliate support.

2. Upon validation, affiliate support may close the player account so you can re-register a new account with the same email address and phone number.

3. Clear your browser and register the player account again with the proper procedure indicated above.

4. Please note that the player account can be closed if it is a new account with empty transactions. MCW reserves the right to review the appeal on case to case basis.